Glucosamine tablets, pure quality

Glucosamine tablets, pure quality

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  • Protects your cartilage and joints

  • Pure-free quality at a competitive price

  • Also ideal for athletes

  • Tablets with a high dose of 1500 mg Glucosamine.2 KCl effective or as 750 mg pure glucosamine (2 tablets per day)

The cartilage between your joints can change as a result of aging, lack of exercise, constant movement or frequent exercise. The building material glucosamine is an excellent tool to protect you in case of aging.

Glucosamine tablets with manganese and copper are good for the cartilage in the joints

In addition, Gluco Xtr 1500 contains other elements such as Copper and Manganese. Both contribute to the normal formation of connective tissue. Manganese also plays a role in the maintenance of normal bones. This can be useful for people with reduced mobility in their joints as well as for athletes who put heavy strain on their joints.

  • for the maintenance of healthy cartilage and connective tissue

  • promotes recovery after sports injuries

  • improved formula by increased dose of glucosamine sulphate KCl (1500 mg)

  • no burden on your stomach or other side effects

High purity - scientific dose 1 tablet per day.

The advice is to use such a food supplement for several months in a row. After all, Glucosamine needs time to support your joint function properly.

The Gluco Xtr contains glucosamine sulfate that is extracted from the armor of crustaceans. This is a form of glucosamine that is well absorbed by your body. Svensson has also succeeded in bringing the recommended daily dose of 1500 mg glucosamine sulphate in 1 tablet.

Glucosamine is also available in combination with chondroitin.


1 tablet contains : D-Glucosamine sulphate. 2KCl 2000mg (from the shell of crustaceans) (corresponds to D-Glucosamine sulphate 1500mg) : (elemental content glucosamine=1183mg) - Manganese* (as gluconate) - Copper* (as bislycinate)


See ingredients in bold


Manganese 3 mg (150% RI)
0.2 mg (20% RI)


1 tablet per day while eating.

Customer Reviews

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BL Schuler

Glucosamine tabletten, zuivere kwaliteit 180 + 60 tabletten gratis

Guy S.
Perfecte ondersteuning bij kraakbeenletsel

Ik heb kraakbeenletsel type 4, de op één na ergste vorm. Ondanks gelinspuitingen ondervond ik op het einde van het wielerseizoen vorig jaar opnieuw last van de knie. Begin dit jaar ben ik gestart met een langdurige glucosaminekuur. Nu het seizoen volop aan de gang is, heb ik nog geen last ondervonden van de knie. Ik raad dit product dan ook ten volle aan maar een langdurige kuur (min 6 weken) lijkt aangeraden.