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  •  Slimming with Zero 3 Xtr + Vitamin C
  • Zero-3 does the work, not you!!
  • With extra Vitamin C (= anti oxidant but Vitamin C will also help you if you have less energy)
  • Supports intermittent fasting
  • NEW: vegan capsule

    Cyamopsis tetragonoloba extract/ Guar gum (gum of the seed) 880 mg -Fucus vesiculosus (herb) / Fucus dry extract 120 mg -Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 16 mg - Rice derivatives- vegan (capsule)

    Information allergens:

    This product does not contain any allergens

    Nutritional information:

    Vitamin C 16 mg (20% RI)

    Swallow 2 capsules with a large glass of water (150 to 200ml). Repeat this exactly every two hours. Make sure you never go more than 2 hours without taking it. So take two capsules every 2 hours.

    Inname ZERO 3

    On a ZERO3 day you therefore take 6 x 2 capsules.

    Are two days of fasting too hard for you?

    Then you can try the 16:8 method. Then you try to plan all your meals within 8 hours. You don't eat anything for 16 hours. Then you can start your day with 2 x 2 capsules. Two capsules at 9am and two capsules at 11am. That way you bridge the period to your late breakfast.


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