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Zero 3 + Vit C monthly cure

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  • Slimming with Zero 3 Xtr + Vitamin C
  • Zero-3 does the job, not you!
  • With extra Vitamin C (=anti oxidant but Vitamin C will also help you when you have less energy)
  • No yo-yo effect
  • Supports intermittent fasting


Lose weight with ZERO 3 + Vitamin C

Lose weight? ZERO 3 + Vitamin C has been our besteller since 1980. A safe tool and support for intermittent fasting.

Easy to lose weight quickly

People who want to lose weight often eat compulsively, which makes it difficult to keep up. They are often flooded with recipes that involve special ingredients. Usually it is also recommended to start weighing everything up. Because of all this, it quickly becomes a continuous vicious circle of wanting to lose weight, going on a leash, fail and then start again with another diet.

Why the ZERO 3 products ?

ZERO 3 is not a diet, but a cure. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays you eat whatever you want according to a healthy and balanced diet. The other three days are the cure days. You only take ZERO 3 + Vitamin C and drink with it. Depending on your goal and how fast you want to lose weight, the Svensson weight loss consultant can adapt this programme to a 5:2 diet.

No more excuses if you want to lose weight fast! Our strengths: fast and natural !

The weight loss pills ZERO 3 + Vitamin C contain only natural ingredients that help you lose weight quickly. In addition to fucus vesiculosus (bladder wrack) which promotes good metabolism and helps burn excess carbohydrates and fats, ZERO 3 Xtr also contains Cyamopsis tetraglonoloba (guar gum) to maintain the normal cholesterol ratio in the blood.

In the stomach, ZERO 3 combines with water. A mass is formed there with a viscosity (=liquidity) 300 x higher than that of water. A capsule of ZERO 3 + Vitamin C takes up 22 x its own volume in your stomach.


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tina Janssens
Zeker afvallen

Vraagt wat discipline maar afvallen is verzekerd

Monique schaap
Top om af te vallen

Goed vol te houden

Difficile d avoir un suivi

15 j pr avoir le produit un peu long et impossible d avoir yne réponse à mes messages. Bon j espère que le produit est super et efficace qui le fera oublier tt cela

Koen Hoes-Vleminx
top top

ben op 4 weken tijd 5 kg kwijt ik ben super happy

brigitte van volxem
Light plan

Bon début cela me coupe cette envie de grignoter toute la journée à recommander c est certain