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  • Contains Gymnema

  • Helps reduce the sweetening urge

  • Helps reduce calorie intake during a diet.


Healthy weight loss with Light Plan slimming drops.

Healthy weight loss with an absolutely reliable slimming aid. Light plan weight loss drops can be taken freely by any healthy person. Easy to take: 20 drops in a glass of water 1 hour before meals.

That's all ! The light plan drops are pure vegetable.

Svensson has formulated a balanced formula from more than 2000 herbs and washes. Helianthus tuberiosus (Jerusalem artichoke), guarana (Paulinia Cupana) and Gymnema silvestris support our weight control and control our appetite. Guarana also supports our fat metabolism and Gymnema Sylvestris contributes to the proper functioning of the sugar metabolism. Gymnema reduces the appetite for sugar.

Slimming drops with Gymnema

No form of diet is prescribed. Gymnema Sylvestris comes from the tropical regions of India. This herb is known to support healthy metabolism. Gymnema Sylvestris is also popular as an herb that helps to keep glucose within normal and healthy levels. This prevents the feeling of hunger. With these slimming drops you won't feel weak, on the contrary you will have more energy and vitality from the first day you take LIGHT PLAN DROPS. Due to its liquid form this product is absorbed very quickly.

With Light-Plan Drops slimming becomes a success, also for you !

More about the carbohydrates and the glycemic index.

Customer Reviews

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tina Janssens
Zeker afvallen

Vraagt wat discipline maar afvallen is verzekerd

Monique schaap
Top om af te vallen

Goed vol te houden

Difficile d avoir un suivi

15 j pr avoir le produit un peu long et impossible d avoir yne réponse à mes messages. Bon j espère que le produit est super et efficace qui le fera oublier tt cela

Koen Hoes-Vleminx
top top

ben op 4 weken tijd 5 kg kwijt ik ben super happy

brigitte van volxem
Light plan

Bon début cela me coupe cette envie de grignoter toute la journée à recommander c est certain