Healthy slimming and getting fitter

More and more people are striving for a healthier lifestyle. But those who have questions about getting fitter and losing weight quickly become entangled in a jumble of advice. What is the optimal nutrition for you? What is the best approach for fat loss? The Svensson programs are diverse and suitable for anyone who wants to change something about their body, regardless of age, experience and preferences.

Controlled Intermittent Fasting

Controlled intermittent vasten werkt. Can you cancel eating moments? Do you want to fast but are you afraid that you cannot control the feeling of hunger? Then the ZERO3 concept is the healthiest and fastest way for you to lose weight.
Good food and slimming it is possible. Read here how you can get off to a flying start with intermittent fasting. Or go directly to the product range

Lose weight with protein shakes

Afvallen met eiwitshakes Do you really need your 5 meals? Inserting a shake is no problem for you? Then the protiphase shake program is something for you. Shakes and drinks are an easy way to control your calorie intake throughout the day. A shake also ensures the supply of high-quality and high-quality proteins. To the Svensson Shakes.

Tailored program

 Are there any questions about choosing which program to follow? Would you like a customized program or coaching:  Please contact us here.



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