Isotone drank mandarijn, concentraat voor 14 bidons

Isodrink Apple concentrated isotonic drink

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  • 14 portions

  • User-friendly packaging

  • Contains vitamin C, contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism

  • Liquid

  • 100% natural colourings and flavours

  • Flavour apple


Isotonic drink from Svensson

Svensson's isotonic drink prevents dehydration.

During exercise, your body sweats (loss of moisture and electrolytes) and also consumes sugars. This can affect your performance, which is why it is important to keep drinking well.

User-friendly packaging

  • Liquid

  • 1 dosage cap per 500 ml water (bottle)

  • 1 bottle of Svensson Isodrink is good for 14 bottles of isotonic drink

When do you drink an isotonic drink?

During sports such as triathlon are a risk of dehydration due to sweating. Your sweat consists of water and minerals (mainly sodium but also a little potassium). During exercise, the body can lose more than one and a half litres of sweat per hour and in certain circumstances this can even reach 3 litres per hour. If you don't compensate this with drink, the organism becomes dehydrated. Moreover, we know that your muscles consume energy during exercise. This loss of energy must also be compensated.

Isotonic sports drinks are the best solution because they contain water, sodium and carbohydrates. They are handy "all in one" drinks.

Isotonic drink from Svensson provides you with extra energy

Isotonic drink from Svensson contains vitamin C which contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism. Per serving Isodrink contains 30 g carbohydrates.

Svensson isodrink contains natural colours and flavours and does not contain aspartame.

Also available in the flavours: mandarin, lime and tropical.

To make the right choice in isotonic sports drink

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Senne B
Makkelijk verteerbaar

Heb tot nu al verschillende isotone drank getest maar nog geen enkel even goed of deze! Makkelijk verteerd en heeft een lekkere smaak! Ik raad deze zeker aan voor de winter maar ook zeker voor zomer of herfst.

Jasper S.
Makkelijk in gebruik

Zeer gemakkelijk in gebruik en goed verteerbaar. Ideaal om 1 dopje per bidon te gebruiken.

Isotone drink appelsmaak.

Reeds dikwijls gebruikt en heel tevreden. Smaak ok en niet te overdreven.