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Low Carb protein shake Banana

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Shake flavor Banana High in protein, low in carbs Now temporary advantage packaging 10 servings + 5 servings

Low carb protein shake from Svensson, high in protein, low in carbs.

Svensson's low carb protein shake contains a high dose of whey isolate supplemented with a pure whey hydrolysate to promote prolonged recovery after exercise. The carbohydrates were deliberately kept to a minimum so that you can metabolize the necessary proteins and still keep your weight under control. Drink this shake immediately after exercise to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and support muscle building. One dose contains more than 22 g of pure protein and less than 4 g of carbohydrates.

Low Carb Protein shake for athletes.

WPI is produced from pasteurized whey from which non-protein elements have been removed. It contains 86% protein with minimal lactose levels and is virtually fat free. WPI is biologically very easy to digest and contains high levels of BCAA' for optimal muscle growth and muscle recovery.

Low Carb Protein Shake for weight control.

Because this protein shake contains no added sugars or fats, it fits perfectly within a low carb diet. (weight management) Body weight reduction: when 2 meals are replaced and a calorie-restricted diet is maintained. Combine the protein with vegetables and possibly a good multivitamin. Maintaining body weight: after a period of weight loss when 1 meal per day is replaced by this protein shake in combination with a (slightly) calorie-restricted diet.

Key features and benefits

  • More than 22 g protein from WPI and WPH per serving
  • WPI can help increase your dry muscle mass in combination with exercise.
  • Low carbohydrate: less than 4 g per serving
  • Contains natural BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine) to support muscle recovery.