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Chocolate pudding ready to eat

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Protein-rich pudding

Flavor Chocolate

Ready to eat

Healthy dessert


A healthy dessert: chocolate pudding ready to eat

A healthy dessert can be both tasty and good for the line. This protein-rich ready-to-eat chocolate pudding can be used as a snack or dessert. This chocolate pudding is low in calories and has a reduced carbohydrate and fat content. This pudding doesn't need any extra preparation and can easily be taken along on the way. The chocolate pudding is for sale in a set of three portions.

A healthy dessert with proteins

Proteins can be found in both animal and vegetable food. Animal proteins can be found in meat, fish, eggs and milk products. Vegetable proteins are cereal products (bread, rice, pasta, ...), legumes, nuts and partly in vegetables and potatoes. Part of our body makes its own amino acids, but another part we have to get from our diet, the so-called essential amino acids. Animal proteins contain more essential amino acids than vegetable proteins. That's why this chocolate pudding contains a lot of essential proteins and is suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy dessert with vanilla flavour


Enriched food with sweetener

Water, milkprotein (emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), cream (4%), low-fat cocoa powder (2%), flavourings, modified starch, thickeners: xanthan gum, guar and carrageenan, dye: caramel E150c, acidity regulator: potassium hydroxide, sweeteners: acesulfame of potassium and sucralose, salt.

Information allergens:

Can contain traces of eggs and soy.

Customer Reviews

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Claudia Smet
Lekker Suikerarm

Een toetje is lekker alleen altijd die suiker. Dat is met dit dessertje geen probleem. Ik probeer bewust mijn suikers onder controle te houden, niet enkel voor gewichtsbehoud maar ook voor mijn totale gezondheid.