Tips for good preparation for the new cycling season

Voorbereiding toertochten

Spring is on its way and many cyclists are itching to give it their all again. Preparing your body to perform at the highest level or starting up again after a winter break can be quite a job. That's why it's important to set up a preparation schedule in advance and to determine your performance goals.

To achieve maximum "exceptional" performance, you must above all be well prepared. This means, first and foremost, that as an amateur, you will temporarily have to live partly like a professional athlete.

  • You should have regular screenings by your sports doctor
  • Use the right additional resources to temporarily strengthen your body in order to perform even better, of course in a healthy and permissible way.
  • Get to know your body by pushing your limits during the initial training phase, as you will have to do during the performance itself. You can't ride up mythical mountains without enough altitude gain, you can't run a marathon if you've never passed the 28-32K wall, you can't play a super tournament if you've never done fast consecutive performances with shortened recovery times.

Thanks to the good preparation.

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