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ZERO 3 basic slimming package

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Based on the 5:2 programme

Intermittent fasting

Consisting of 1 x ZERO3 + 4 protein-rich intermediate boxes

Package for 14 days


The 5: 2 diet with ZERO 3 slimming package

With ZERO 3 slimming package you unlock the secret of long-term weight loss without giving up the food you love. The 5:2 programme of ZERO 3 is based on intermittent fasting with periodic fasting days (2 days a week).

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ZERO 3 slimming package to support the 5:2 diet

On fasting days you take 2 capsules of ZERO 3 several times a day. ZERO 3 are capsules based on soluble dietary fibres. The intake of these fibres in combination with sufficient drinking will ensure a satiating feeling. The water-soluble fibres absorb the moisture and swell in your stomach, slowing down your appetite. Due to the periodic intake of the ZERO3 capsules, these fibres also retain moisture in the large intestine.

The advantage of protein-rich snacks in the 5:2 programme

When the body does not have its usual fuel - glycogen - the body will burn the stored fat as a source of energy resulting in weight loss.

The result of intermittent fasting is that the body not only burns part of the body fat, but also part of the muscle mass. This is why it is important to enrich the day with protein-rich products on non-fasting days.

What to eat on non-fixed days

On non-fasting days it is advisable to choose a healthy and balanced diet. Make good and healthy food choices on the days you eat, even if you can eat what you want without restrictions. For example, you could remove carbohydrates from your menu during evening meals. This will smoothen the weight loss process.

What does the basic weight loss package ZERO 3 contain?

Well, the package contains 1 box ZERO 3. This is sufficient for a course of 2 weeks. This has been supplemented with 4 varied protein-rich snack boxes: 28 protein-rich snacks that are low in calories and rich in protein. After all, proteins will ensure that you are satiated faster and longer and will preserve your muscle mass. A responsible way to lose weight.

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Rafael De Vlamynck

Goed middel om af te vallen.
Kuur moet wel een paar keer per jaar herhaald worden.

Hinjo Alting

Zero 3 Forte, hulpmiddel bij het afvallen

Chris Wouters
Goed product

Goed product

Rosaria Ventura

Verkeerde order gehad ..,

Tiki H.

Vroeger was dit best een heel succes middel ben benieuwd of het steeds dezelfde werking heeft. Ik laat het weten.