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  • Intake of dietary fiber in combination with sufficient fluids for a feeling of satiety
  • Protein-rich snacks on non-fasting days to prevent loss of muscle mass
  • Consisting of ZERO3 + box of protein shakes/drinks + box of protein snacks
  • Pack for 14 days / 1 month with program
  • Extra with the monthly package: 6 weeks work-out program.
  • Can be combined with nutritional advice on non-fasting days

What does the basic slimming package ZERO 3 contain?

Of course the package contains 1 box of ZERO 3. This is sufficient for a cure of 2 weeks. This was supplemented with 4 varied protein-rich snack boxes: shakes and bars that are low in calories and rich in protein. After all, proteins will ensure that you are saturated faster and longer and ensure that you maintain your muscle mass. A responsible way to lose weight.

Package with program.

Boost your metabolism and reach your healthy weight.

This package consists of 3 variants. Package for 2 weeks or Package for 1 month.

With the monthly package you can also opt for 1 month of online nutritional coaching. We help to coach you in terms of nutrition on your eating days in order to get the most out of intermittent fasting.


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