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Florafor with probiotics 30 chewable tablets

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  • a special blend of pre- and probiotics

  • does not contain milk derivatives

  • resistant to the gastric juices


Restablish intestinal flora with a probiotic supplement.

Probiotic supplement for restoring intestinal flora and maintaining a healthy balance.

Florafor from Svensson is a supplement with a special mix of lactic acid strains, inulin, oligofructose and wild marjoram. Wild marjoram (=origanum) supports digestion. Our body houses both good and bad bacteria. They help to keep our intestines healthy and in the breakdown of food.

A disturbed intestinal flora ?

Everyone has to deal with it sometimes with the necessary discomforts as a result. Florafor can also be perfectly used on a journey. Thus, your intestinal flora is better armed against unknown bacteria and you go on vacation with peace of mind.

Florafor is also useful to take during a course of antibiotics.

80% of your immune system is determined in your intestines.

After a course of antibiotics, when dieting, lack of sleep or stress, our intestinal flora can be disturbed in favor of the bad bacteria. This can manifest itself in diarrhea, urinary tract infections, muscle pain and fatigue. Probiotics as a cure

Not all probiotics are the same and each strain has its own effects in restoring intestinal flora. You can also find probiotics in food. However, some products have a very short survival capacity in the digestive tract, are destroyed in the stomach, while others even resist the stool.

Probiotics do not settle permanently in the bacterial flora (especially the intestine or vaginal flora). The effect is therefore only temporary. In order for the effect to last, it is therefore necessary to regularly take a course of treatment to ensure a permanent balance in your intestinal flora.

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