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Hot chocolate, low carbohydrate and enriched with vitamins and minerals

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  • Hot chocolate

  • Rich in proteins

  • Reduced fat

          • Reduced carbohydrate content

      • Box with 6 sachets


      Chocolate milk that can be part of your low-carb weekly menu

      Composing a low-carb weekly menu can sometimes be puzzling. This hot chocolate can be an ideal addition to your weekly menu in the cold winter months. Svensson's hot chocolate has a reduced carbohydrate content and is rich in high-quality proteins. This hot drink is virtually sugar free and therefore also suitable for people with diabetes.

      A low-carbohydrate weekly menu when slimming

      A protein-rich diet gives you a satisfied and satiating feeling faster and automatically makes you eat less. This is why we regard protein as an important nutrient for weight loss. When following a low-carb weekly menu, our body draws energy from the stored fat reserves because you absorb less carbohydrates. Proteins are also essential for the proper functioning of all physiological processes within our body.

      Combine with protein-rich bread in your low-carb weekly menu.

      Chocolate milk for athletes

      Svensson's hot chocolate milk contains no less than 16 grams of high-quality protein per portion. The proteins we eat are converted into amino acids in our body. These amino acids then influence your sports performance and recovery. Proteins support stronger muscles and the maintenance of lean muscle mass (muscle/fat ratio). As an athlete, should you pay attention to your weight ? The hot chocolate can be a welcome change to add proteins to your low carbohydrate weekly menu.


      Milk proteins, powerded fat-reduced cocoa (18%), flavourings, salt, thickeners: guar and xanthan gums, sweetener: aspartame, colour: caramel E150c, vitamins (C, B3, E, B5, B6, B2, B1, B9 , B8, B12), maltodextrin

      contains milk.
      contains a source of phenylalanine.

      Enriched food with sweetener


      Food enriched with sweetener

      Nutritional information per portion

      Of which sugars
      Energy 88 kcal/371 kJ
      1, 2 g
      Of which saturated fats 0, 7 g
      Carbohydrates 2.4 g
      1.3 g
      Fibres 1, 8 g
      Protein 16 g
      Salt 0.64 g


      Add 25 grams to 200 ml of water. Put it in a shaker and shake until completely dissolved. Heat in the microwave for 1 minute.