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Vital Xtr for men

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Preservation of sexual vitality

For the man


Vital Xtr supports the potency in a natural way

Male have been using love herbs since ancient times. Love herbs that are our ally in sexual performance. The power of these plants lies in the stimulation of vitality and the accompanying libido. Besides a better blood flow, these plants support mental fatigue and stress, which are often responsible for the lack of desire.

Vital Xtr supports the potency in a natural and safe way. With Vital Xtr you can regain the good feeling of male activity. A weak moment in love can be fatal: with Vital Xtr you can also stand your male in bed.

Vital Xtr a complex of love herbs.

Vital Xtr is a natural biological source of energy with Muira puama, the 'potency wood' of the Brazilian Indians, Korean ginseng, cola extract and Damiana. The cola plant is grown in the tropics and produces seeds with a stimulating power. In Central and West Africa it is common to chew these seeds to stimulate digestion and as an aphrodisiac. The cola plant also contains caffeine and other substances that stimulate the nervous and muscular system.

Damiana leaf (Turnera aphrodisiacs) was already used by the Maya as a sexual stimulant. This plant is a tonic and has a stimulating effect on the nervous system.Gingko Biloba stimulates the better blood circulation.

Vital Xtr ensures a rapid regeneration of the male tension. Your performance and vitality will noticeably improve.

Love herbs for women


2 capsules contain: Panax ginseng* extract / ginseng (root) dry extract 100 mg - Cola acuminata extract / Cola tree (seed) dry extract 100 mg -Muira puama (Acanthea virilis)* extract / Muira puama (potential wood) (bark) dry extract 60 mg - Turnera diffusa* extract / Damian (leaf) dry extract 40 mg - Ginkgo biloba* extract / Ginkgo (leaf) dry extract 20 mg


This product contains no allergens


Aged men and from 12 years of age: 2 to 3 capsules a day with each meal.