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Local treatment of sore muscles and joints

Also to use before, during or after active moments

Easy to carry

Easy to use, no contact with the hands


Say goodbye to sore muscles and joints.

Sore muscles ? Planning a day of hoeing and digging in your garden? Are you going for a day of hiking in the woods? Have you done fanatical sports and get up the next day with painful muscles or joints ? Turbostick can be used both before and after these active moments. This pen warms up your muscles so that they feel relaxed afterwards.

The turbostift is a further development of the Chinese tiger balm.

It is made with, among other things, Chinese cinnamon oil, but works much faster: that is why it is called Turbo. The combination of the essential oils in the turbo-stift stimulates the blood circulation of the muscles.

You should do no more than gently rub the sore spot with the Turbostift: the Turbo balm penetrates the sensitive area with a soothing warmth and brings immediate relief.

Turbo-sticks the local treatment of sore muscles and joints.

Do you go to work all day and come home with painful joints? Massage a little with this pen on the affected areas. You will notice the difference.

Balm that makes the muscles supple and promotes blood circulation. By applying it to the skin, the muscles come to rest and the joints become more flexible.

To use:

* stiff muscles when waking up* to treat the muscles before, during or after the active moments
* with stuck muscles


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Eve Enkels
turbostick topproduct

Ken het al van toen ik nog jong was, had nog een stick die vervallen was, maar toch nog jaren zijn effect niet verloor, heel werkzaam, werkt beter dan al de andere zalfjes van de apotheek!

Baton Turbo

Je commande ce produit pour moi-même, mes amis et ma famille depuis plus de trente ans. Je reste cliente malgré les divers démenagements. Ce produit est formidable contre toutes les douleurs, migraines, cervicales, dos, genoux, je suis fidèle et je ne peux plus me passer de lui merci.

Bernadette VS

Helpt mij bij hoofdpijn en spierpijn.