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Transit Xtr, promoting bowel movement

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Supports intestinal transit, promotes internal cleansing



Promote bowel movement with Transit Xtr

Promote bowel movement. Sometimes mother nature has to lend a hand. For example, when it comes to promoting natural bowel movements. Some plants help to make the stool softer, making the bowel passage easier.

Svensson has a suitable remedy for this: Transit Xtr.

The herbs in Transit Xtr provide a natural and effective way, for a better intestinal passage of the absorbed food. Because intestinal fluidity and disturbed intestinal function occurs more often than you think, e.g. in a sudden change of eating habits, change of air, eating on vacation, a one-sided diet ...

For a healthy digestion and a better bowel massage these plant capsules are the healthy support. Whether or not for the benefit of your slim line. It often happens that a slimming treatment brings intestinal fluidity. This can then definitely compromise the effect of your slimming cure. That would be very unfortunate !

Bowel movement promotes a pleasant feeling.

Transit Xtr, rich in mild plant extracts, promotes intestinal peristalsis and helps to soften stools. As a result, the bowel movement passes more easily through the intestine and facilitates toilet visits. A regular bowel movement not only ensures a pleasant feeling, but also a good bowel cleansing. Transit Xtr does not contain senna.

Order now and then you have this treatment in your home if you unexpectedly need it.

Restoring intestinal flora with probiotics.


2 capsules contain:

Rhamnus frangula* extract / Buckthorn dry extract 100 mg - Aloe vera* extract / Genuine aloe (leaf) dry extract 100 mg - Rheum officinale* extract / Chinese rhubarb (root) dry extract 100 mg - Origanum vulgare* extract / Oregano (herb) dry extract 100 mg.


This product contains no allergens.


Adults and from 12 years of age: 2 capsules a day with food.

If you are suffering from irregular bowel movements, take 2 capsules 3 days a week every evening after dinner.