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Svensson Shake Cup

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Svensson shaker cup 700 ml



Svensson shaker for the preparation of all your shakes.

If you train intensively, it is important to ensure that your body recovers properly afterwards. For this you can take a protein shake to supplement your protein requirement. You can easily prepare such a protein shake in this Protein Shaker. The shaker cup is made of robust plastic. If there are still lumps left in your protein preparation, the sieve will stop them. The content is 700 ml. and the plastic is transparent. Handy, because you can see exactly whether the shake is ready.

With the Svensson shake cup you have an airy shake without lumps in an instant.

If you want to lose weight, you often fall back on protein-rich preparations. With the Svensson Protein Shaker you can effectively measure and prepare your protein preparation. This shaker has a strainer that you screw into place in the lid. This sieve ensures a perfectly mixed protein shake every time. With this new shaker cup you can make a delicious light shake in no time and you will never again be bothered by lumps.

The benefits of the Protein Shaker - Shaker cup with sieve 700 ml.

    • Easy to take with you thanks to the lockable screw cap

    • Clear indication of the content on the shaker

    • With built-in sieve to prevent lumps

    • Ideal for preparing protein shakes or other protein weight loss products

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