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Siromix, natural respiratory syrup 200 ml

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Sugar-free cough syrup with a pleasant taste


Siromix the sugar-free syrup

Advantages of this sugar-free syrup

  • For a soothing effect on the throat and airways.
  • To breathe more freely.
  • To calm the throat.
  • In case of itchy throat.

In our search for a good natural mix of plant extracts that we could use in a syrup for throat & airways, we always found that a good composition had to contain both extracts and essential oils to be effective.

So we opted for a synergistic plant mix with:

  • Glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice),
  • Salvia officinalis (Sage)
  • Drosera rotundifolia (Sundew)
  • Grindelia

+ essential oils in this sugar-free syrup of:

  • Thymus (thym)
  • Pinus Silvestris (Scots pine)
  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus)

SIROMIX XTR has a pleasant blueberry taste and is a sugar-free syrup that is used by both adults and children. You can just use it as syrup. Added to a bag of hot tea it gives a pleasant taste and a quick release feeling of freer breathing. In the evening you can add an extra drop Japanese peppermint oil.

SIROMIX XTR is a natural throat & respiratory composition based on 4 plant extracts and 3 essential oils dissolved in a SUGAR-FREE syrup and is used for both tickling cough and dry cough to breathe more freely and helps calm the throat if you experience a tingling sensation.


30 ml of syrup without sugar contains:

Drosera rotundifolia (herba)/Round sundew (herb) 3% - Grindelia robusta (herba)/Grindelia (herb) 1.5% - Salvia officinalis/Sage (leaf) 1.5% - Glycyrrhiza glabra (radix)/Liquorice (root) 1, 5% - Eucalyptus globulus / Eucalyptus essential oil 0.02% - Thymus serpyllum / Wild thyme essential oil 0.02% - Pinus sylvestris / Scots pine essential oil 0.02% - maltitol syrup - aroma


Contains licorice.


Adults and children 12 years and older: 3 to 6 x 10 ml daily (with measuring cup)

From 6 to 12 years: 3 to 6 x 5 ml daily (with measuring cup)

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Siromix, natural respiratory syrup 200 ml
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