Choco - suikerarme voeding - Svensson

Low-sugar hazelnut paste

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  • Low in sugar

  • Suitable for people who want to follow a diet or are looking for a sugar-free snack
  • Suitable for diabetics


Low-sugar food: Svensson hazelnut paste

Svensson Cocoa is a sugar-free paste that can perfectly replace the conventional paste with lots of sugar and saturated fats.

The usual chocolate paste is an extra that we quickly want to reduce or eliminate when we decide to lose 'extra kilos' or to eat healthier. During a diet, we often look for low-sugar foods to avoid superfluous sugars and only consume essential nutrients.

In addition, the Svensson cocoa can be consumed by diabetics, because the Svensson cocoa is sweetened by maltitol, a sweetener that does not increase insulin levels or glucose levels in the blood.

You can use the Svensson pasta on your sandwich, pancakes or even in your cake.

Who can benefit from this low-sugar diet?

  • People who want to follow a healthier diet and who want to limit the consumption of sugars and saturated fats
  • People who follow a diet and/or those who are looking for a delicious snack with little sugar
  • Suitable for people with diabetes

The Svensson Cocoa is free of palm oil, which is found in many products. Palm oil plantations are harmful to the environment, which is why Svensson uses alternatives to eliminate this environmentally harmful palm oil. Delicious and healthy in combination with the protein bread