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Ribes nigrum, black currant 100 ml

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  • contains copper which contributes to good muscle function and healthy joints.
  • liquid

Liquid supplement based on black currant.

Black currant has an effective effect on various physiological aspects of the body. It has antioxidant properties, improves peripheral blood flow, reduces muscle stiffness and fatigue and supports the functioning of the adrenal gland. Black currant or Ribes nigrum 100 ml also contains copper. Copper provides additional support to the mobility and comfort of the joints. Due to its liquid form, this complex with black currant is absorbed faster than capsules or tablets. No additional digestion is required.

Ribes nigrum contributes to good muscle function and healthy joints.

This supplement is also suitable for athletes with stiffness and discomfort during heavy training periods. Copper contributes to the maintenance of healthy connective tissue. Ribes supports the internal cleansing e.g. elimination of uric acid, often in combination with Citra Xtr.

From Ribes nigrum or black currant is used both the fruit and the leaf. In the 18th century, Ribes nigrum called

"the bush of a thousand virtues."

This liquid extract was made from the leaves and is used to preserve supple joints. It also has a positive effect on watery eyes when there are pollen in the air. If the muscles are overloaded you can rub them externally and take care of them with the turbostift.