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    • To keep urinating properly

    • Support the prostate

    • For all men aged 45 and over

    • 100% natural and carefree for long-term use

1 tablet contains:

Lignans (from flaxseed extract) 200 mg - Serenoa repens / Saw palmetto (fruit) extract 150 mg - Cucurbita pepo/Ornamental pumpkin (seed) extract 100 mg - Prunus africana / Red stinkwood (bark) extract 50 mg - Vitamin E/D-alpha tocopherol 11 mg - Zinc (as bisglycinate) 4 mg - Lycopene 0.5 mg - Selenium (as selenium methionine) 30 mcg - Vitamin D3 / Calciferol 0.75 mcg.

Allergen information:

See ingredients in the bold, contains derivatives of maize

Nutritional information:

By tablet

Vitamin E 11 mg (92% RI)
Zinc 4 mg (40% RI)
Selenium 30 mcg (55% RI)
Vitamin D3 0.75 mcg (15% RI)

Adults 1 tablet per day


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