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Presta Xtr

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  • To keep urinating properly
  • Supporting the prostate
  • For all men over the age of 45
  • 100% natural and carefree long-term use


Difficulty urinating?

From the age of 50 you, like many other men, can have trouble urinating. This is due to an often unavoidable enlargement of the prostate: you urinate with difficulty, drip, have a burning sensation, have to get up often at night, and so on.

Presta Xtr (one a day) is a concentrated and natural product for the protection and care of the prostate. From the age of 45 it is recommended to take a monthly course of Presta Xtr twice a year in order to keep urinating properly and avoid later complaints.

Preservation of a normal prostate

Presta Xtr contains a rich mix of plant extracts (Lignans and Prunus). Scientific research has shown that these plants are most effective in enlarging the male gland. Presta Xtr also contains selenium, lycopene and vitamin E which have an extra protective effect on the prostate. Useful Tips:

  • Drink enough: 1.5 to 2 litres per day
  • Do not postpone urination
  • Plas preferably seated
  • Eat high-fibre

Presta Xtr, a plant complex with serenoa repens or saw palmetto

This plant is native to the southeastern United States. It prefers to grow in Florida. This plant also got the nickname dwarf palm because this plant is generally no more than 3 meters high. It prefers dry and sandy soil.

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Sandra Pillain

Tevreden van dit product en goed voor het onderhoud van de prostaat

Prima product

Goed voor het onderhoud van de prostaat.