Pina Colada eiwitdrankjes Svensson

Pina colada protein drink 400 g

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  • Fresh protein drink
  • Low-calorie (100 kcal/portion)
  • Low-carbohydrate (1.2 g carbs per portion)
  • Protein rich (16 g proteins per portion)
  • Contains 4.1 g BCAAs (2:1:1)


Protein drinks that help you lose weight.

Protein drinks such as those with pina colada flavor, are perfect within your protein-rich diet. The pina colada protein drink is easy to make, just dilute it in water.

From day 1 that you start slimming down to the end of your high-protein diet, you can keep using this high-protein drink and reduce your calorie intake.

Tasty and fresh protein drinks

This drink is a good substitute for fruit juices, cocktails or punches, which are all banned during a high-protein or low-calorie diet because they contain too many sugars.Shake the shaker vigorously to make your drink even more frothy. Don't hesitate to add ground ice cubes and an orange or lemon rind.

A tasty snack that is also rich in high quality protein. Due to less absorption of carbohydrates, our body gets energy from the stored fat reserves. Proteins give faster a satisfied and satiating feeling.

Tips for using Svensson pina colada drink

Proteins are also essential for the proper functioning of all physiological processes within our body. The Svensson protein drinks can be used at the following times:

  • At 10.00 hours or 16.00 hours during your (high-protein) weight loss diet
  • All year round if you feel like quenching your thirst in a low-calorie way and still give your body extra quality proteins.
  • As an extra source of protein during intermittent fasting to protect your muscle mass.

In addition, it is important to eat a balanced and varied diet and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Don't forget to drink enough daily.

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Protein shakes without lactose.