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  • BTAB, the breast capsule + breast care cream
  • Premium package


Gorgeous breasts at any age

Busts? So much happens to your breasts as you get older. From the age of 20, your breasts will change as you gain or lose weight. After that, you'll enter a period of pregnancy or breastfeeding that can change the condition of your breasts. less oestrogen. This will also have an effect on your breasts. The breast tissue is partially replaced by fat, which is softer. In addition, collagen will also decrease in your breasts and collagen is what you need to avoid sagging of the breasts.

Caring for your beautiful breasts

Svensson has been developing a capsule and a cream especially for the optimisation of your breast tissue for 20 years now.

The BTAB capsule:

The breast capsule contains a selection of plants specifically selected to care for and preserve your beautiful breasts. One of these plants is fenugreek.

Fenugreek is a seed variety enriched with phyto-oestrogen (a plant hormone) and nutrients.

Phyto-oestrogens stimulate the synthesis of female sex hormones: estradiol, oestron and estriol and progesterone.

B-form cream:

In order to optimise the skin as well, Svensson experts developed a cream that rejuvenates and dynamises the skin.

B-Form breast cream contains 3 revolutionary ingredients, including peptides which are the precursor to collagen and elastin . In synergy, these substances stimulate the tired metabolism and synthesise the skin collagen.