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Night Xtr tablets relaxing sleep and a good night's sleep

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Healthy sleep and rested waking up again thanks to NIGHT XTR by Svensson.

Without getting used to it.



Better sleep should not be a worry.

Better sleep is the wish that everyone in his life will have known and this is not a worry. If you wake up many mornings and think I would have slept better ? If you lie in bed in the evening and hope you have a good night's sleep. Only then has sleep become a concern for you and it is best to look for a natural support for a good night's sleep. Many of us who accumulate sleepless nights have already tested various natural sleep aids. Since you're still looking, you haven't really been able to find your natural sleep aid yet.

Good sleep is important for the proper functioning of your body

Good sleep is important for every body to function, have energy, recover from a daily dose of stress, ... . The reasons that keep you from sleeping may be very diverse. That's why Night Xtr Svensson is built to offer support in the various areas and to make you wake up refreshed and more energetic in the morning, after a better night's sleep.

A good night's sleep promotes your performance.

Everyone feels their own body that a good sleep is very important. Sleeping well and allowing the body to recover is vitally important. Night Xtr by Svensson is a pleasant way to give your nerves a soothing rest so that you can absorb and neutralize the pressure of daily life with a good state of mind. A good night's sleep promotes your performance. And so Night Xtr supports sleeping during the night. During the day Night Xtr supports your mental balance, your creativity and purposeful action.

Can be used in combination with Valeriana Complex


Escholtzia californica extract/Sleep cap (aerian parts) - Ballota nigra extract/black horehound (aerian parts) - Hypericum perforatum extract/Sint John's wort (flowers)


This product contains no allergens.


Adults and from 12 years of age: 1 tablet half an hour before going to bed.