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  • MSM is a natural source of organic sulphur
  • Helps remove toxins from the body e.g. in case of allergic reactions
  • 1000 mg MSM/tablet

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MSM as a natural source of organic sulphur

Sulphur in food and its role in the human body

MSM ? Based on the percentage of the total body weight, sulphur is the 6th most abundant mineral. In addition, sulphur is also important in many body processes and indispensable for the maintenance of healthy cells.

The application of sulphur via the diet decreases as a lot of food is cooked, by the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

MSM the natural source of organic sulphur

  • Sulphur helps remove toxins from the body and can thus, for example, reduce the intensity of allergic reactions
  • Sulphur is important in the formation of cysteine, an essential amino acid for the natural synthesis of keratin, a protein essential for growth and resistance, flexibility, skin, nails and hair.
  • Sulphur compounds can also be found in the joints: research has shown that the sulphur content in people with joint problems is one third compared to people without joint problems

Svensson formulation specific for the hair


3 tablets contain:

Methylsulfonulmethane (MSM) 3000 mg

Instruction for use:

1 to 3 tablets spread throughout the day, preferably during meals

Allergen information:

This product does not contain allergens