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Meno Xtr, isoflavones in transition

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  • your natural help in menopause
  • changing moods
  • (nightly) sweating
  • unruly or depressed feelings


Soja isoflavones to support in the transition.

Meno Xtr is rich in soy isoflavones and can be taken over a longer period of time without worries.

The menopause is often accompanied by various menopausal symptoms:

  • changing moods
  • (nocturnal) perspiration
  • anxiety or depression

One woman suffers more than another. Meno Xtr is a dietary supplement specially developed to support the menopause. It is a full-fledged formula that includes Salvia officinalis (sage) and Vitex agnus Castus (monk's pepper). Both plants support menopause symptoms during menopause. Besides that, sage also contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and joints. Meno Xtr is standardized at 40 mg isoflavones from soy.

What are soy isoflavones?

The role of isoflavones in the body can be compared to oestrogens, hence the term phyto-oestrogens (vegetable). Moreover, isoflavones help to reduce the aging process in the human body, especially in premenopausal conditions.

The benefits of isoflavones in the ageing process:

  • The bone structure: the consumption of isoflavones helps to reduce calcium losses via urine.

  • The vascular health: isoflavones support the cholesterol balance in the blood.

What is important for a good absorption of isoflavones is a healthy and functional intestinal flora. Meno Xtr is therefore often associated with the treatment of Florafor.


1 tablet contains: Glycine max/soybean dry extract 100 mg standardized to 40 mg isoflavones - Salvia officinalis/sage dry extract 25 mg - Vitex agnus cactus/monk pea dry extract 9.6 mg


Contains soy


one tablet per day, taken just after your main meal