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Macaroni low carbohydrate

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Portion of 100 g

12 g carbohydrates/portion

(100 g common pasta uncooked: 67 g carbs)

Rich in protein


Eating low in carbohydrates with Svensson macaroni

Though many of us love pasta, we are all too aware that that tasty meal contains a lot of carbohydrates. That's something you want to avoid when you're eating low-carb. With Svensson's low-carb macaroni, pasta is no longer completely banned during your high-protein diet or your low-carb diet! Svensson's wholemeal pasta only contains slow carbohydrates. As a result, your blood sugar level hardly rises to zero and you will feel satiated for longer than with many other types of pasta.

Eating low carbohydrates in a high-protein diet

The macaroni is suitable from phase 1 of the high-protein diet. As part of the protiphase programme, Svensson launches these macaroni because they contain both low carbohydrates (18% compared to regular pasta) and fats, as well as being very rich in protein (a portion of 100 g gives you 38 g of protein). In addition, the pasta is easy and quick to prepare like traditional pasta.

Svensson Macaroni during intermittent fasting

The macaroni is certainly recommended during a 5:2 diet. In the 5:2 programme of intermittent fasting you can include this pasta in the evenings that you do not fast, which will significantly reduce your carbohydrate consumption in the evening.

Tips for eating low carbohydrate with the use of Svensson protein pasta:

- a pasta salad with ham, chicken, tuna, vegetables and/or mushrooms

- in hot pasta such as carbonara, arrabbiata, ...Other low carbohydrate pasta