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Light Plan Caps with raspberry ketones

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  • With Raspberry ketones and green tea
  • Slimming with an energetic feeling
  • Fat-burning


Raspberry ketones and fat-burning

The raspberry ketones found in the Light Plan capsules, contribute as 'fatkillers' to faster fat burning by the body. And an improved fat bandage makes it possible to lose weight a lot faster. Raspberry ketones ensure that the metabolism runs faster and thus give the fat burning a boost. A nice extra advantage of the Light Plan capsules is the fact that the fat is converted into energy during fat burning. So you don't only lose weight immediately and quickly, but you also get a nice energy boost every day! The raspberry ketones are known for their efficient approach to burning fat, which makes the capsules revitalise you. Light Plan is in fact an all-rounder, which not only makes you slimmer, but also fresher, more vital and fitter. Light Plan stimulates a cheerful and happy feeling. And they help you to avoid falling back into an unhealthy diet again.

Raspberry ketones, L-carnitine and green tea work together on your thermogenesis.

Our capsules are safe for everyone to use. Besides burning fat, ketones make you feel less like sugar. Light Plan capsules are completely safe to use and offer comfort to everyone. Two capsules are composed of 300 mg raspberry extract, 100 mg green tea extract and 50 mg caffeine.

Dosage and instructions for use of Light Plan capsules

A pot of Light Plan capsules consists of 60 capsules, which you can use for at least one month in advance. The recommended dose is to take one capsule twice a day. By combining the use of our capsules with exercise the best possible fat burning effect is achieved.