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  • reduces fat

  • increases cellular energy

  • for fat breakdown during exercise


L-carnitine and fat burning

This popular amino acid stimulates the muscles and promotes efficient fat burning.

L-carnitine is the favourite supplement of athletes and people who wish to lose weight via a diet.

Studies at universities have scientifically proven that Carnitine :

  • plays an essential role in fat burning and metabolism

  • helps reduce cholesterol

  • helps obesity

  • supports energy metabolism (vitamin B6)

Our liver produces carnitine in very small quantities. Carnitine is therefore not chemically synthetical but a pure, biological, bodily substance. Extra carnitine stimulates our fat breakdown in a natural, healthy way: carnitine has the property of consuming food and body fats, which gives you more energy and makes you lose your fat cushions. Slimming down and performing better, isn't that a nice result ?

Carnitine supplement is suitable for any sport discipline.

2 capsules contain : L-Carnitine tartrate 1000 mg- Vitamin B3/Nicotinamide - Vitamin B6/Pyridoxin HCl. Allergens: This product does not contain allergens.


Nutritional information per 2 capsules = daily dose

Vitamin B3 3, 2 mg (20% RI)
Vitamin B6 0.28 mg (20% RI)

Two capsules a day, one hour before your meal. Preferably take before breakfast.