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Breakfast box

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Breakfast box

Mix of 7 high-protein breakfast moments

Suitable from phase 1


Start your day healthy with a low-carb breakfast.

Are you looking for a low-carb breakfast to get your day off to a good start? Then this varied box is certainly suitable for you. The box contains 7 ready-to-eat breakfasts that are nutritious and quick to prepare.

A lot of people take in too many carbohydrates every day without knowing it themselves. A low-carbohydrate breakfast can help you lose weight, lose abdominal fat, improve concentration and get the most essential nutrients.

Mixed box 'low-carb breakfast' consisting of:

1 x Oatmeal apple-cinnamon

1 x Hot chocolate

1 x strawberry shake

1 x pancakes

1 x banana shake

1 x protein bread

1 x breakfast cereals (low carbohydrate)

Get off to a good start to the day with a low-carbohydrate breakfast, increased in quality proteins.

This box is also suitable from phase 1 of your protein diet

Svensson's low-sugar chocolate

Ingredients bread

Water, protein mixture (wheat-protein, peas-protein) (12%), oilseeds (brown linseed, golden linseed, sunflower seed, sesame), wholemeal rye flour, soya flour (6%), soya flour (3%), wheat bran, yeast, oat fibre, salt, acidity regulator: sodium diacetate, whey protein concentrate.


Contains gluten (wheat, rye, oats), whey, soya, sesam

Ingredients breakfast cereals

Degreased soyameal, wheat flour, wheat bran, salt, dye: ammonia caramel, sweetener: sucralose


Contains gluten (wheat) and soya. May contain traces of crustaceans.