Isotone dorstlesser citroen - sportvoeding - Svensson

Isodrink lime unidose, convenient carry pack on the way

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  • Unidosis
  • Easy-to-use packaging on the go
  • Contains vitamin C, contributes to a normal energy-generating metabolism
  • Liquid
  • 100% natural colors and flavors
  • Flavor lime

Isotonic thirst-quencher from Svensson

The isotonic thirst-quencher? During your workout or competition, your body puts in a lot of effort and loses moisture (loss of moisture and electrolytes), sugars (energy) and other important substances that your body needs. It's best to partly restore the necessary substances while you're on the road. This will prevent cramps, muscle aches and possible injuries. Moisture loss can affect your performance, which is why it is important to keep drinking well.

The isotonic thirst-quencher is easy to use and suitable for every athlete.

This take-away pack is convenient to use on the go. Just dilute it with water in a water bottle and you are ready to continue your exercise. Whatever sport you do, this isotonic sports drink is always effective. The isotonic thirst-quencher provides you with energy, moisture and minerals.

User-friendly packaging

  • Liquid
  • 1 sachet per 500 ml water (bottle)
  • Unidosis

Isodrink from Svensson provides you with extra energy

Isodrink from Svensson contains vitamin C which contributes to a normal energy-generating metabolism. Per serving Isodrink contains 30 g carbohydrates. Isodrink contains natural colorings and flavors and does not contain aspartame.

Determine your personal moisture loss per hour