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Iron Xtr, natural iron 60 + 30 capsules

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  • Iron contributes extra energy to fatigue
  • With Vitamin C, promotes the absorption of iron

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An iron deficiency

An iron deficiency is detrimental to good daily functioning without fatigue.

Iron is an important mineral in our body. Iron is a component of the protein haemoglobin, which is found in the red blood cells. It ensures that through the blood, oxygen is transported throughout the body. The body needs this oxygen to function properly. In addition, iron also ensures the production of antibodies.

Causes of iron deficiency

An iron deficiency can be the result of various factors:

  • Food pattern e.g. vegatarian: iron originating from animal products is best absorbed by your body.
  • Following a diet
  • Many sporting lower the iron level
  • Coeliac disease? Disrupted iron absorption
  • Being a woman! Menstruation = loss of iron

Iron Xtr, away with iron deficiency.

IRON XTR is a supplement rich in iron, vitamin C and B vitamins, including Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6, which are important for the formation of red blood cells and, like copper and vitamin C, ensure good absorption of this mineral in the blood.

IRON XTR is not just iron in a capsule, but a complete approach to get rid of iron deficiency. Either tackle your iron deficiency with iron as you can find it in nature.

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2 capsules contain:
Iron* (as bisglycinate) - Vitamin C*/Ascorbic acid - Vitamin B6*/Pyridoxine HCL - Copper (as bisglycinate) - Vitamin B2*/Riboflavin - Vitamin B12*/Cyanocobalamin

Information allergens:

This product contains no allergens

Nutritional information:

Per daily dose

Iron 25 mg (178, 6% RI)
Vitamin C 60 mg (75%RI)
Vitamin B6 3 mg (214% RI)
Copper 0, 55 mg (55% RI)
Vitamin B2 2.4 mg (171% RI)
Vitamin B12 1.5 mcg (60% RI)


Adults and 12 years old and up: 2 capsules daily at mealtime