Immunomix - Propolis - Svensson

Immunomix 150 ml with propolis and echinacea

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    • Supports the body's defense system

    • Contains propolis and echinacea

    • Promotes vitality

    • Liquid



Liquid immunomix with propolis

If you've been feeling unwell for a while and feel tired easily, you may be dealing with a weakened immune system. There are many factors that can adversely affect your immune system and weaken your immune system. This can be temporary or permanent if the cause is not addressed.

Factors of a weakened immune system:

    • Chronic stress

    • Pessimistic and gloomy thoughts

    • Shortage of zinc, selenium and / or magnesium

    • Consume many processed foods in place of natural, unprocessed foods

    • Not enough sleep

    • Excessive use of alcohol

Svensson's immunomix stimulates the immune system in times of fatigue, stressful situations and when you perform strenuous physical exertion. Immunomix can be used by everyone. This liquid can thus offer added value to young people and the elderly who have swallowing problems. As a cure, it is especially suitable for elderly people, tired individuals and athletes or anyone who makes heavy physical exertion. This liquid complex contains propolis, a natural bee product. Propolis is a glue-like substance that kills bacteria and fungi.

Recommended use per day adultsn)

You can use 5 ml per dose and you can mix this in a little water. You measure the dosage with a measuring cup. The recommended amount is 2 doses per day. You take those doses before breakfast and before dinner.

A composition of high-quality and liquid plant extracts
Immunomix liquid consists of: Echinacea purpurea purple coneflower, carrot, Propolis, Panax ginseng, Hypericum perforatum St. John's wort and Salvia officinalis sage, leaf.blad).

Echinacea and sage support the body's defense system. Panax ginseng promotes vitality.

Cure can be combined with Energy Xtr.