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Greek pasta - low carbohydrate

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Portion of 30 g

6 g carbohydrates/portion

(30 g paste uncooked trade: 20.1 g KH)

Rich in proteins


Low carbohydrate pasta suitable within the protein diet

Now pasta is no longer completely banned during your high-protein diet or your low-carb diet! Svensson developed Greek Pasta, suitable from phase 1 of the protein-rich diet. Because of this low-carb pasta, you can still enjoy Italian cuisine during your high-protein diet or your low-carb diet. Svensson's Greek pasta is suitable from phase 1 of the protein-rich diet.

Carb low-carb pasta in the protifase programme

As part of the protifase programme Svensson launches this Greek pasta because it contains both low carbohydrates (20% compared to the normal pasta) and fats and is very rich in protein (a 50 g portion gives you 28.5 g protein). You can prepare the pasta just as quickly and easily as any traditional pasta.

The role of Greek pasta in your 5:2 diet

The Greek pasta is certainly recommended during a 5:2 diet. In the 5:2 programme of intermittent fasting you can include this pasta in the evenings when you are not fasting so that your carbohydrate consumption decreases considerably in the evening. This will benefit your weight loss per week.

Low carbohydrate tagliatelli.


low carbohydrate paste

Wheatgluten, soy-protein isolate, pea protein, wheyprotein, wheatflower, wheatfibre, eggwhite (5%), thickener: guar gum.


Must contain gluten, soya and milk

Can contain traces of nuts and sesame seeds

Origin: EU


Nutritional information per portion 30 g

Of which sugars
Energy 471 kJ/112 kcal
Fats 1.1 g
Of which saturated fats 0, 4 g
Carbohydrates 6.0 g
0.2 g
Fibres 2, 4 g
Protein 18 g
Salt 0.33 g

Cook for 12 to 15 minutes in salted water.

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Greek pasta - low carbohydrate
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