Flush Redux, Spray Bij opvliegers Svensson

Flush Redux Spray, for hot flashes and night sweats.

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  • For hot flashes
  • For menopause symptoms
  • With varying moods

Support for hot flashes

Flush Redux Spray is a food supplement that provides support for menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and changing moods. Flush Redux Spray contains 4 liquid extracts:

  • Salvia or Sage is used specifically for hot flashes.
  • Alchemilla, a typical 'woman's tonic'
  • Ginseng gives you more energy, both physically and mentally
  • Ballote makes you less sensitive to stress.

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Unique spray and easy to take with you

Do you suffer from heat surges during the day ? Do you sometimes walk out of your desk as if you were coming out of a sauna ? Do you know that nasty feeling when you have lunch with friends and another physical heat wave breaks out ? This unique spray can easily be taken anywhere. In this way you prevent your internal sauna from taking over again.


Liquid extracts 1/1* in the following ratio:

Panax Ginseng/Ginseng 25%

Alchemilla vulgaris/Common Ladies Mantel 25%

Salvia Officinalis/Sage 25%

Ballota Nigra/Black Horehound 25%

Alc 20% vol

This product contains no allergens.


3 to 6 times a day 3 sprays in the mouth.