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Energy gel final with 75 mg caffeine

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  • 75 mg caffeine

  • Contains vitamin C which contributes to normal energy metabolism

  • Flavour : Spicy Coffee

  • With intensive efforts


Final gel: Direct energy source with 75 mg caffeine

Caffeine gel, specifically for the final: "The Power to go on and fight. "

The final gel for when it really counts: the final, a climb, the sprint, ... or if you are facing an extra tough challenge as an amateur (fight yourself true that mountain, that sprint, that game, the 30k wall, ...). This final gel will help you with physical activities where attention and concentration are required.

Energy gel final is a turbo snack enriched with caffeine.

Directly available energy thanks to the liquid gel drink with caffeine supplemented with guarana and Spanish pepper

  • Unique carbs structure for fast and high absorption

  • Extended absorption of sugars

If somewhere in a competition or other performance you want a moment where your focus, strength and performance should be maximally available then this final gel is your ideal extra supplement.

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The importance of caffeine during sports

The final stages of a competition are often crucial and should not be underestimated. The final gel is direct energy in liquid form. This gel also contains 75 mg of caffeine which encourages vigilance and helps to increase concentration. In a small dose, caffeine is beneficial for an athlete.