Winter energy package

Winter energy package

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Energetically armed to face winter

Package consisting of:

1 x Energy Xtr: B-vitamins with adaptogenic plants

1 x Vitamin C

1 x Immunomix liquid

Why this package?

In winter our body often has a heavier burden than in summer. Because of the cold and dry air, our immune system is weaker and the flu and viruses get a grip on us more easily. In the run-up to and during the winter, these products, certainly in combination with each other, therefore help you to keep your immune system and energy up to standard. We have composed this package with care so that you keep feeling fit and flu and viruses are less likely to get a grip on you. This is perhaps more important now than ever...

Energy Xtr

Life demands a lot of energy. Especially in winter your body needs more energy, for example to keep you warm. In addition, you feel tired more quickly because the winter days have fewer hours of sunshine.

Energy Xtr can support you particularly well in the winter. Energy Xtr contains Damiana. Damiana boosts alertiveness, concentration and our general performance.

Energy Xtr is a very specific supplement in the field of energetics combined with a vitamin-minerals cure.

The vitamin-minerals provide one by one as a building material a good energy base in your body. In addition, the carefully selected Siberian ginseng, damian leaf and both pepper extracts provide a boost.

The vitamin B supplement with adaptogen plants has been improved with a number of new substances, including phosphatidylserine and creatine.

Energy Xtr gives you all the building blocks for a good energy balance.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is mainly used to increase the body's resistance. In addition to antioxidant, this nutrient also has a cell protective effect on the vessels and the respiratory tract. It is therefore wise to use extra vitamin C as a supplement all year round, but certainly in the winter months. Mainly for smokers, the elderly or if sensitive to colds.

Immunomix liquid

Svensson's immunomix stimulates the immune system in times of fatigue, low resistance, stressful situations and when you make heavy, physical efforts. Immunomix is useful for everyone and especially (in the run) for the winter months a fine boost for the immune system. It is liquid and can thus offer added value to young people and the elderly who have swallowing problems. As a cure it is especially suitable for people of old age, tired individuals and athletes or anyone who makes heavy physical efforts. This liquid complex contains propolis, a natural bee product. Propolis is a glue-like substance that kills bacteria and fungi.

Use of Immunomix

Per dose you may use 5 ml and you can mix this in a little water. You measure the dosage with a measuring cup. The recommended quantity is 2 doses per day. You take these dosages before breakfast and before dinner.