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Energy Xtr - 60 tablets, more energy during the day

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For more energy and stamina.

Energy Xtr restores your energy.



Energy Xtr more than just B-vitamins

B-vitamins. Life demands a lot of energy. Energy Xtr can give an extra push. Energy Xtr contains Damiana. Damiana boosts alertness, concentration and our overall performance.

Energy Xtr is a very specific supplement in the field of energetics combined with a vitamin-minerals cure.

The present vitamins-minerals provide a good energy base in your body, one by one, as a building material. In addition, the carefully selected Siberian ginseng, damian leaf and both pepper extracts provide a boost.

The vitamin B supplement with adaptogen plants has been further improved with a number of new substances, including

phosphatidylserine and creatine.

Energy Xtr gives you all the building blocks for a good energy balance.

Fatigue is often nothing special but can also have other underlying causes.

B-vitamins also for active athletes:

During training periods or competitions it is important that you are able to perform at a high level for a long time.

Svensson energy tablets contain Damiana, coenzyme Q10, Siberian Ginseng, red pepper and various vitamins and minerals.

The unique composition provides a performance-enhancing effect. Endurance efforts can be sustained longer and better, fatigue occurs later and concentration and alertness is strongly promoted:

  • Better physical performance

  • Extra energy top quality for top performance!

Vitamin B supplement for athletes

B-vitamins are necessary for good energy management. Research shows that a deficiency of vitamin B, e.g. due to a one-sided diet, has an effect on physical capacity.


2 tabletten bevatten:

Magnesium (als bisglycinaat) - Eleutherococcus senticosus/ Siberische ginseng (wortel) droog extract 400 mg - Turnera diffusa / Damiaanblad droog extract 300 mg - L-carnitine tartraat 110,3 mg - Creatine monohydraat 40 mg - Inositol 37, 5 mg - D-alfa-tocoferolacetaat (Vitamine E) - Zink (als bisglycinaat) - Alfa liponzuur 25 mg - Sojalecithine 25 mg - Nicotinamide (Vitamine B3) - Co-enzym Q10 24 mg - Piper nigrum / Zwarte peper (vrucht) droog extract 16, 8 mg - Calciumpanthothenaat (Vitamine B5) - Capsicum annuum / Zwarte peper (vrucht) droog extract 4 mg - Biotine / Vitamine H (Tarwe) - Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamine B6) - Riboflavine (Vitamine B2) - Thiamine hydrochloride (Vitamine B1) - Chroom (als picolinaat) - Foliumzuur.


This product contains soya and gluten

Nutritional information:

Per daily dose

Magnesium 140 mg (37,4 % RI)
Zinc 7,5 mg (75% RI)

30 µg (75% RI)

Vitamin B3 24 mg (150% RI)
Vitamin E 15 mg (125% RI)
Vitamin B5 9 mg (150% RI)
Vitamin B6 2.1 mg (150% RI)
Vitamin B2 2.1 mg (150% RI)
Vitamin B1 1,65 mg (150% RI)
Biotin 75 µg (150 % RI)
Folic acid 0,2 µg (100% RI)


2 tablets per day with breakfast. In periods of extreme fatigue, you can take up to 2 x 2 tablets per day.

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