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Protein bar red fruits with white chocolate - 10 pieces

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Protein bar red fruits and white chocolate

Thanks to this protein bar you're almost certain to get the minimum amount of protein per day. More than 30% of this bar consists of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of our body and you shouldn't be short of them.

Unique taste

There are many different protein bars. This protein bar is crispy and has the unique taste of red flies with white chocolate. That way it tastes like a snack, but it's just very healthy. This healthy snack contains less than 120 kcal and is rich in protein and fiber.

A protein bar can always

Whether you exercise or not, a protein bar is always a good idea. It strengthens your muscles, so your body needs more energy to maintain your muscles. So there is never any bad timing when it comes to eating a protein bar.

Protein bar instead of a snack

In the protein bar with red fruits and white chocolate there are of course a number of carbohydrates. However, this is not as much as in a normal snack. This is a healthy amount of carbohydrates. If you change your diet slightly and replace something unhealthy for this protein bar, you will notice that your body reacts positively to it.