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Digest complex 100 ml - digestion

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  • Promotes digestion
  • With a full feeling in the stomach
  • Supports the maintenance of normal acidity in the stomach
  • Liquid


Digest complex in case of a disturbed digestion.

A disturbed digestion ? A good digestion ensures that we can continue to enjoy good food and drink, but also has an impact on general health.

After all, it ensures that essential nutrients from the diet are absorbed into the body.

Digest complex is a carefully composed mixture of plant and herbal extracts, which has a supportive effect on disturbed digestion. Real camomile has soothing properties and helps protect the stomach wall. St. John's wort is also relaxing. Fennel supports a inflated stomach and a full sensation in the intestines (flatulence) in which anise contributes to a good acid-base balance in the stomach. Salvia officinalis has a cleansing effect and is useful in case of discomfort of the entire digestive tract. In short, digest complex is good for the stomach and also supports a healthy digestion.

A liquid complex for a faster absorption in case of disturbed digestion.

Liquid extracts work faster than other forms of supplementation. They are not pills to swallow because that is not always obvious to everyone. Liquid nutrients are absorbed faster as no additional digestion is required. Another advantage of liquid extracts is convenience. Just add them to water, tea or juice and bring the stomach to rest at home, at work or in the car.