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Detox: detoxify your body !


Detox your body with Detox Xtr

Detox your body ? Your body has to deal with countless substances that have to be broken down and removed. Your body is able to remove these substances via the lungs, pores and urine. However, when the amount of toxins is too high to be safely disposed of via these routes, your body chooses to store the toxins in your organs and fatty tissue.

What does detoxing mean?

The body's detoxing can cause your body to release and dispose of these stored substances. This brings your body into balance and allows all processes to function optimally again.

A successful detox satisfies these two basics:

  1. Stop adding toxins;
  2. Stimulate your body when breaking down and removing toxins.

Detox XTR contains 5 Detox supporting plant extracts. Camelia (green tea) and Taraxacum officinalis (dandelion) have a dehydrating effect, Foeniculum vulgare (fennel) and Salvia officinalis (real sage) support digestion and also have a diuretic effect and Guarana gives you more energy during the cure. Detox XTR is a 10 day cure, with a pleasant (cola) taste, which forms a healthy basis for a healthy lifestyle.

Detoxing your liver


50 g daily dose contains:

Camelia sinensis / Tea bush (leaf) liquid extract - Paullinia cupana / Guarana (grains) liquid extract - Foeniculum vulgare / Fennel (leaf) liquid extract - Taraxacum officinalis - Dandelion (flower) liquid extract - Salvia officinalis / Sage (herb) liquid extract

Potassium sorbate (preservative) - Sucralose (sweetener) - Flavor

Plant Concentration 1/1

Allergen information:

This product contains no allergens.


Use directions for detoxing body:

Shake bottle well before use. Mix 50 ml ( dosage cap) with one liter of water. Drink during the day. Repeat a 10 day program as desired.