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  • A convenient snack for maximum nutrient absorption and better performance
  • Keeps hunger away longer, so you stay satiated longer between meals or after heavy workouts
  • Low calories and essential nutrients for optimal health

Bar 35 g with sweeteners Milkprotein concentrate, milkchocolate with maltitol 17% (sweetener: maltitol, cocoa butter, whole milkpowder, cocoa mass, skimmed cocoa powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, aroma), caramel paste with maltitol 14% (humectant: glycerol, maltodextrin, oligofructose, water, sweetener: maltitol, coconut oil, skimmed milkpowder, thickeners: modified starch and xanthan gum, coloring agent: plain caramel, gelling agent : pectin, acidity regulator: calcium lactate, emulsifier: soy lecithin, salt, natural flavors), hydrolysed collagen peptides, sweetener: maltitol, humectant: glycerol, rapeseed oil, crunchy milkprotein nuggets 3.5% (milk protein, apple starch), water, thickener: gum arabic, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, salt, preservative: potassium sorbate, flavors, antioxidant: extracts rich in tocopherols

Information allergens


May contain traces of: nuts, peanuts

Protein bars for slimming

If you follow a protein diet or if you have a consciously healthy lifestyle, protein bars are an ideal addition to your diet.

Protein bars for athletes

Protein bars are the ideal snack during a match or after a hard workout. Easy to take with you so that you can have a high-quality dose of protein at any time

Excessive consumption can have a laxative effect.

Per reep van 35 g

Energie  123 kcal/515 kJ
Vetten 4,2 g
Waarvan verzadigde vetten 1,9 g
Koolhydraten 13 g
Waarvan suikers 1,3 g
Waarvan polyolen 11 g
Vezels 0,6 g
Eiwitten 13 g
Zout 0,24 g


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