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Carduus Complex liquid

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Supports the liver and bile cleansing

Has a positive influence on the gallbladder and liver

Helps in the reduction of cholesterol

For the disposal of all waste products


Liver detoxification with Carduus complex.

Many health discomforts are caused by the excessive presence of waste products in our body. Waste substances originating from food, medicines, and no small amount of waste substances that we produce in our daily functioning. Waste substances easily accumulate in our bodies. The human body is a veritable factory when it comes to detoxification, and not least the liver is partly responsible for this.

The importance of detoxification

The importance of detoxification has been the guiding principle to health throughout antiquity. Indians, for example, did fasting periods in combinations with sweat huts in order to support the body in a natural detoxification process several times a year. In the ancient writings of monasteries we find the use of plants to support liver cleansing: milk thistle (Carduus Marianus) has proven its exceptional usefulness for centuries.

Liquid complex to support the cleansing action of the liver.

Maria thistle is therefore naturally rich in silymarin, a phytopharmaceutical substance that has been shown in various studies to be useful in supporting the detoxification and purification processes. Milk thistle supports the reduction of fat storage in the body.

Boldo fragans has been added to this complex, specifically for bile.

Chrysanthellum Americanum (American Chrysanthemum) helps lower cholesterol levels.

Hamamelis Virginea promotes blood flow and helps keep the liver functional.

Combine this regularly with a complete detox cure.