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Bronchiana complex with eucalyptus

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To support effective breathing

Bronchiana complex with eucalyptus

Liquid complex


Bronchiana complex with eucalyptus

Bronchiana with eucalyptus in brief:

  • Regulates the airways
  • Breathing freely during the day/night
  • Supports sensitive airways

Structure of the respiratory tract

You can divide your airways into two parts : the upper and lower airways.

The upper airways are the throat and the trachea branches, the lower airways consist of the lungs.

A syrup (siromix) is more likely to help with the upper airways, when you need support for your lungs we are better with a plant complex specifically composed for this part of the airways.

Bronchiana complex contains a unique composition of synergistic (mutually reinforcing) plant extracts for smooth breathing:

  • Amni visnaga (Toothpick)
  • Drosera rotundifolia (Sundew)
  • Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus)
  • Hyssopus officinalis (Hyssop)
  • Pinus sylvestris (Pine bud)
  • Thymus serpyllum (thyme)

Use of eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has been known for centuries as ideal support for the respiratory tract and freer breathing. Today we can clearly see that a complex of plants can help you even better and more effectively.

How to use bronchiana

You need support with your daily breathing: 2 x 30 drops in a little water

You suffer from blocked breathing due to colds or allergies:

3 x 30 drops as long as you suffer.

Bronchiana can resolved in siromix for an even more complete approach to your airways.


5 ml contains - liquid extracts 1/1 of:

Drosera rotundifolia / Sundew (herb) 25%

Amni visnaga / Toothpick (fruit) 20%

Hyssopus officinalis/Hyssop (herb) 15%

Veronica officinalis / Honorary prize (herb) 15%

Althea officinalis (root) 10%

Eucalyptus globulus / Eucalyptus (leaf) 5%

Pinus sylvestris / Scots pine (needles) 5%

Thymus serpyllum / Wild thyme (herb) 5%

Alc. 35%

This product does not contain any allergens.