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Avena Sativa 50 ml Oat

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  • Brings inner peace in periods of nervousness and restlessness
  • A good emotional balance in case of depression
  • Supports during periods of intense activity or intellectual overtime
  • Also suitable for restless pets

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Avena Sativa and inner agitation

Inner agitation ? The barked fruit of Avena Sativa or oats contains indole alkaloids (gramine), lecithin, vitamin B complex, ... Avena Sativa provides nerve-strengthening support (vitamins of the B complex). It is a nerve tonic with soothing and calming properties. Oats calm stimulated nerves and make you more resistant to stress (quitting smoking, major projects, exam periods, etc.). Oats can be your ally in improving your sleep quality.

Avena Sativa as a liquid extract

Liquid extracts work faster than other forms of supplementation. They are not pills to swallow because that is not obvious to everyone. Liquid nutrients are absorbed faster as no additional digestion is required. Another advantage of liquid extracts is convenience. Simply add them to water, tea or juice and enjoy your soothing drink at home, at work or on the go. This product is 100% natural.

Oats for your pet

As with humans, your pet can also be useful with Avena Sativa drops.

This nerve tonic is recommended for stressed or anxious pets when left alone, taken to the hairdresser's... Useful to help the animal relax while travelling. Take a few drops on your pet's food if your cat or dog feels agitated or frightened.