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Aquadrain complex

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  • for a good moisture balance
  • edema
  • in case of an excess of toxic substances
  • liquid


Edema due to poor water management.

Edema ? Our body consists of about 70 to 75 percent water. So it's not surprising that it is important to keep your moisture balance. The kidneys play an important role in this. Water and minerals need to be in balance, otherwise damage can be done to other tissues and organs.

When excess calcium salts or uric acid accumulate in the body, this balance is lost, at the expense of daily comfort.

Why does your body retain moisture?

Your body can retain moisture for a variety of reasons. For example, it may have to deal with kidneys that don't function optimally, but your period or a possible pregnancy can also cause fluid accumulation.

When your body retains fluid, you may experience swelling and edema.

The kidneys play a role in fulfilling the self-regulating capacity of a healthy body (=homeostasis), whereby care must be taken to maintain a good fluid balance.

Liquid complex with plant extracts

This complex of liquid plant extracts has the function of supporting the maintenance of a good moisture balance:

  • Solidago helps to retain moisture. It supports good kidney function and stimulates the moisture balance. Also in case of temporary accumulation of moisture during travel and periods of heat
  • Birch is ideal for renal detox thanks to its purifying, remineralising and revitalising properties. It helps the body to remove accumulated toxins and waste products.

Liquid extracts work faster than other forms of supplementation. They are not pills to swallow because that is not always obvious to everyone. Liquid nutrients are absorbed faster as no additional digestion is required. Another advantage of liquid extracts is convenience. Just add them to water, tea or juice at home, at work or on the go.

Detoxes at cellular level.