Regain and maintain your ideal sporting weight both in and out of season

Je gewicht onder controle houden in off season

Regaining and maintaining your ideal weight both on and off the season

Weight management is one of the most common concerns in sports nutrition, both among athletes looking to gain weight (muscle mass) and those seeking weight losses . Weight is a stumbling block in sports with weight classes, but also in all other sports: every extra kilo that you have to push, lift, drag, ... is one that requires extra energy. Extra weight makes it more difficult to shift/improve your goals. In addition, many fight with their weight from an aesthetic point of view and sport helps to optimize their physique. By dieting in combination with starting exercise, they burn their muscle mass. This reduces the chance of success.

Weight maintenance and weight management

Consistent weight management is more like a cobblestone track than a cycling track. There are various moments every day where we easily get off the road, experience a flat tire or even just crash. To increase your chance of successful weight management, you need to understand a few things first. Apart from the kcal (energy) value you absorb, the difference is also in how quickly you will feel saturated. Proteins give you a feeling of satiety much faster and longer than carbohydrates, fats and alcohol. This is because the recording time is much longer. In addition, proteins give almost no habituation, so you have less of a tendency to have to consume more and more to be saturated.

Een gezonde sportlunch

Lose weight successfully

To increase your chances of success, there are a number of simple facts that will help you achieve your goal more easily. Learn from your moments of failure
  • Avoid crash binge eating !
  • Reduce your binge eating caused by stress !
  • Learn from your failure moments !
  • Eat something small - high in protein - 30 minutes before a main meal. You will feel full much faster.
In short: how can you increase the road to successful weight management by 300%.

Want to lose weight? Is maintaining your lean muscle mass during a weight loss cure/increased training effort important to you? Does your muscle mass decrease because you are getting older and do you want to counteract this?

Movement and extra-eiwittenin combination with less fat and carbohydrates are the solution.

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