Determine your personal moisture loss during a competition or training.

Hydratatie, bepaal je persoonlijke vochtbalans

1) Determine the amount of fluid loss during your intensive workout
  • Weigh you (after urinating / little clothing) before departure
  • Count all net weight of what you eat and drink during training
  • Weigh you again (for pee/small clothes) on arrival
2) Make your sum: divide this result by the number of hours you trained and you obtain your fluid loss per hour. 3) During your workouts, exactly compensate for this fluid loss per hour and teach your body a drinking habit in terms of the number of times you drink. 4) Always provide an Isodrink at a temperature between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius, especially on warm days. TDrinks that are too cold can cause problems with digestion, but if you drink too hot, you lose the benefit of cooling down. 5) If there is a hot day ahead, pre-hydrate the two days before by drinking 1.5 liters of extra water divided over the day containing 5 to 15 gr Citra Xtr. 6) Drink small amounts of Isodrink all the time up to 45 min before the start and start again 10 min before you start.

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