Determine your personal fluid loss during a match or training.

Determine your personal fluid loss during a match or training.

Athletes are often unable to complete their performance to the fullest due to insufficient hydration. A hydration plan is crucial to compensate for fluid loss

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Bepaal je persoonlijk vochtverlies tijdens een wedstrijd of training. -
Hydratatie, bepaal je persoonlijke vochtbalans

1) Determine your amount of fluid loss during your intensive training

  • Weigh yourself (after urinating/little clothes) before departure
  • Add up all the net weight of what you eat and drink during your workout
  • Weigh yourself again (before urinating/little clothes) on arrival

2) Do your sum: divide this result by the number of hours you trained and you will get your fluid loss per hour.

3)   During your workouts, compensate exactly for this fluid loss per hour and teach your body a drinking habit in terms of both the number of drinking moments.

4) Always provide an Iso drink at a temperature between 12 and 18  degrees, especially on hot days. Te cold drink can cause problems with digestion, by too warm drink   you lose the benefit of  cooling down.

5) If there is a hot day ahead pre-hydrate the two days before by drinking an extra 1.5 liters of water spread over the day containing 5 to 15 gr Citra Xtr.

6) Drink small amounts of Isodrink all the time until 45 min before the start and start again 10 min before you start.

You can judge your own hydration level by a quick check of the color of your urine. The color should ideally be light yellow.

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