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Good preparation while running: tips + free running schedule

Door Claudia Smet 01 May 2020 0 comments

Good preparation and planning can save you a lot of stress and give you confidence towards your personal challenge. The running season is starting again, and that includes the necessary preparation. You have to make sure that you can complete your objective without any damage or sports burnout. Whether you want to participate in a 5k run, marathon or an ultra run it is imperative that you know what your body can handle and what is available (sports nutrition) to help you do this. That is really often new territory for many to discover.

5 simple tips for good preparation while running.

  1. LISTEN... your body and to the signals your body sends.
  2. REST: As you may know, your body gets stronger when you rest. Just as important as the hard workouts is giving your body a chance to repair itself. This way you prepare your body for the next training session. Tiredness or being moody are often the signal that rest is needed.
  3. FUEL YOUR BODY: If an athlete who trains several times a week combines this with an extreme crash diet, it can turn into a complete disaster. Just as we can't drive a car with an empty gas tank, we shouldn't force our bodies to start with an empty tank. This again means: listen to your body. When you're hungry, you need to eat, but eat high-quality nutrients in a balanced ratio. Check the Svensson loop package.
  4. PERIODIZE YOUR TRAINING It is extremely important to periodize and phase your workouts, this often ensures the best performance. You can divide your training into a general preparation phase, a basic phase, more specific phases and finally a recovery phase.
  5. DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS Especially on social media. Train according to your own program and to your own ability.
Looking for nutritional advice for a marathon: click here
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