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  • Suitable for men as well as women

  • irresistible with the musk perfume


Irresistible with the musk perfume.

The effect of this erotic, super-sensory Musk perfume is now known.

Musk is one of the oldest fragrances of animal origin in the world. In this perfume, the musk has been expertly incorporated into a sophisticated book of sparkling fresh aromas. Musk has a positive effect on the mind, provides relaxation, stimulation and a good mood . It is also considered a very strong aphrodisiac.

Yes perfume with musk has for many years been the symbol of passion and sensuality.

Research shows that pheromones promote (sexual) attraction in both humans and animals. The fragrance composition in Yes was created in the early 80's and has been a cult classic for years.

The pheromones do their job: they eroticise all human contacts between man and woman and create irresistible attraction.

Mankind makes pheromones themselves but as humans we shower and use deodorant. No problem, but by using these products we mask our own pheromones.

In short Yes is the musk perfume that symbolises passion, seduction and sensuality.

For both men and women: boost your self-confidence with this hidden seducer.

More sexual vitality for him

and for her

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