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Content 250 g

5 portions of 50 g

23.95 g protein/portion

7.8 g carbohydrates/portion

From phase 1


Pasta in a low carbohydrate diet

Are you on a high-protein or low-carbohydrate diet and you're afraid you'll have to say goodbye to pasta now? Don't panic! Svenssons tagliatelli puts that thought aside and you can still enjoy pasta without feeling guilty. Now pasta is no longer completely forbidden during your high-protein diet or your low-carb diet! Svensson developed tagliatelli, suitable from phase 1 of the protein-rich diet.

Protifase programme, a low-carb diet

The tagliatelli is suitable from phase 1 of the protein-rich diet. As part of the Protifase programme, Svensson launches this tagliatelli because it contains little sugar and fat as well as being very rich in protein (a 50 g portion gives you 23.95 g protein). In addition, the pasta is easy and quick to prepare like traditional pasta.

Tagliatelli within 5:2 intermittent fasting

The tagliatelli is certainly recommended during a 5:2 diet. In the 5:2 intermittent fasting programme you can include this pasta in the evenings when you are not fasting so that your carbohydrate consumption decreases considerably in the evening.

Tips for using Svensson protein paste in the free time

- in a salad, accompanied by ham, chicken, tuna, vegetables or mushrooms

- tasty in a warm pasta dish such as carbonara, arrabbiata

- From phase 1 in the protifase programme.

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