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Mealbar (chocolate/peanut)

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  • Meal replacement bar
  • Box containing vitamins and minerals
  • Preserved in 23 g carbs (energy)
  • 214 Kcal/bar
  • Box containing 6 bars

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Meal replacements with chocolate and peanut

Meal replacements: the ideal snack within your diet or for athletes as an energy bar.

Do you want to lose weight or pay attention to your figure, but don't have time to have lunch or put together a balanced meal? Then this bar is the answer for you.

One bar corresponds to a full meal. The chocolate & peanut meal bar offers you everything essential nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This prevents any form of deficiency.

Meal replacement is a popular slimming aid.

With this bar in your pocket you avoid a sudden and uncontrollable appetite. As a result, you will not be faced with any surprises, because this slimming bar with peanut and chocolate is immediately ready for use.

The low-calorie bar can be part of a weight management programme. They are ideal as an addition to a high protein diet or for a low calorie programme.

To replace 1 meal, you need to consume 1 bar with an additional benefit.

It produces 3 to 4 times less calories than a traditional meal! Only 212 kcal.

The meal bar for athletes.

Also for athletes weight management can be important. This bar also provides 23 g carbohydrates (carbs). The ideal snack for athletes who need extra energy.

Variant meal replacement without chocolate.